Employer Recruiting Opportunties

Criteria for Non-Federal Entity (NFE) Participation

  1. NFE is not on the excluded parties list, and NFE is not on the Department of Defense (DoD) commercial solicitation debar/suspended list.
  2. NFE does not conduct practices that conflict with DoD/Marine Corps policies.
  3. NFE’s presence is not in conflict with existing policies (e.g., NFE refuses to remove inappropriate content from marketing materials; NFE discriminates against protected classes, etc.).
  4. NFE’s presence is not one that would bring discredit to the Marine Corps, and if authorized base access pursuant to a Commercial Sponsorship Agreement (CSA), is in compliance with all other requirements set forth in MCO P1700.27b, paragraph 9608.
  5. NFE will not charge any recruitment costs, either initially or retroactively, to the Service Members who are subsequently employed based on the contact during the hiring event.
  6. NFEs’ employment positions must be hourly, salary, or salary plus commission with regards to pay. No straight commission-based NFEs may attend.
  7. NFEs will have bona-fide jobs available, with no contingencies.
  8. NFE must have a minimum of five positions available for recruitment.
  9. SkillBridge providers:
    • SkillBridge providers operating aboard base pursuant to a local MOA will have priority up to the first 10 providers to register, with no fee or CSA required.
    • SkillBridge providers without a local MOA are next priority. A current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DoD must be provided at time of registration, and a CSA is required along with appropriate fees.
  10. Educational institutions with a current DoD MOU seeking to recruit students may register as space allows, and a CSA is required.

Employer Recruiting Events

  1. Career Connections - Career Connections is an MCCS, Lejeune-New River hosted employer recruiting opportunity that occurs during TRS weeks at the Camp Lejeune Education Center and New River AS-901. Choose either Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station, New River, or combination of both. Investment includes space and one table.
    • 5 Events/year - $500
    • 10 Events/year - $950
    • 20 Events/year - $1800
    • 30 Events/year - $2250
  2. MCCS, Lejeune-New River produced Employer Recruiting Events - These are MCCS, Lejeune-New River hosted employer recruiting opportunities that happen less frequent but on a larger scale.

    Vendor space fee:  $250 with one table and two chairs.
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