Prevention & Education

The Prevention & Education Program offers a series of evidenced-based courses designed to help Marines, Sailors and their families aboard Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River improve their lives and enhance their personal and professional relationships. All facilitators are trained by the researchers in order to provide you with the ultimate learning experience.


Nurturing Fathers

This class provides men with the opportunity to learn how to be a nurturing parent. Learn how to have a strong relationship with your child by learning how to discipline without resorting to violence, manage anger, balance your work and family life and use a team building philosophy with your family. Open to all authorized patrons who are fathers or soon to be fathers.

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Positive Parenting

Known to be one of the most effective evidenced-based parenting class in the world. "Triple P" is based on 30 years of on-going research. This program will give parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children's behavior, prevent problems from starting and build strong, healthy relationships with their kids. Available for individuals or couples.

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Anger Management in the 21st Century

Take control of your anger before it wreaks havoc in your life. Learn how to appropriately address conflict, become less reactionary, calm yourself when angered, improve judgment and impulse control, and much more.

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Building and Maintaining Successful Relationships (MALI)

Learn the positive aspects of being in a committed relationship. This class will help you learn how to improve your intimate relationships through identifying communication styles, setting guidelines for a solid financial future and how to fight fair. This class is for singles as well as people in relationships or already married.

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Within My Reach

Get what you deserve out of relationships. Have you ever been stuck in an unhealthy relationship and don’t want to go down that road again? Learn to make better choices while "under the influence" of romantic infatuation, how to avoid falling into its traps, and more.

This class is not intended for couples to attend together.

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7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

This class is based on the best-selling book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Couples will work on strengthening their relationships through interactive step-by-step exercises that promote increased love, trust and admiration. This class is for couples contemplating engagement; pre-marital couples; married and couples in a committed relationship. Couples must attend together.

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Warrior Maintenance: Stress Management

Stressful situations, if not dealt with effectively, can contribute to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and physical health problems. The goal of this class is to help service members reduce their stress levels by teaching healthy coping strategies and increasing resiliency against future stressors. Topics include: adjusting your thinking, making connection and communication, developing healthy habits, and staying on track. Call to schedule your unit workshop.

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Additional Classes Available by Request

Got Your Back

This class offers a fun way to learn about yourself, build self-awareness and identify ways to make choices that will benefit your goals and dreams. Learn to develop the practical skills needed to communicate, understand, and relate to others at work and at home. Learn to live the life you decide to live!

Warrior Resiliency Workshop

Improve mission readiness by strengthening total fitness through workshops designed to teach Marines and Sailors skills to improve relationships, communication, finances, coping strategies, and spiritual fitness. Service members who have skills to manage daily stressors communicate better, have improved relationships, and are less likely to turn to suicide when faces with distressing events / life issues. Skills development before crisis occurs is the best way to stay emotionally mission ready.

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 4PM
Saturday CLOSED
Holiday hours may vary.

Contact Information


24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line: 9107505852

24/7 Domestic Violence Helpline: 9103765675

DoD SAFE: 8779955247

Military OneSource Confidential Help: 8003429647

Veterans Crisis Line (Press 1): 8002738255

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