This program provides awareness and education to all members of the military community that encourages people to increase control over and to improve their full health potential.

Health Promotion supports the achievement and sustainment of a fit and mission ready force and healthy populations, at home and abroad, in peacetime and in conflict. Each of these programs aligns with the US Department of Health and Human Services' Healthy People 2020 and the DOD's Operation Live Well and the Healthy Base Initiatives.

MCCS encourages and supports the participation of individuals of all abilities in its programs and facilities.

Hypoxico Altitude Training

Hypoxico Altitude Training


Altitude training, also known as hypoxic training, involves exercising and breathing oxygen reduced air for the purpose of improved athletic performance, pre-acclimatization to altitude and/or physical wellness.

Altitude training improves physical performance at sea-level and at altitude by enhancing muscle function and increasing the transport and uptake of oxygen by the body. Through exercising, and/or intermittent breathing, individuals and teams can naturally increase power, endurance and recovery.


  • Improved cardio and endurance performance
  • Amplified pulmonary oxygen absorption
  • Boosted production of Erythropoietin Hormone (EPO) by the kidneys, stimulating generation of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and enhanced oxygen transportation through the body
  • Increased capillarization for greater oxygen delivery to the tissues, muscles and brain
  • Enhanced production and rejuvenation of mitochondria (the cell's hub for aerobic energy production) and mitochondrial enzymes, allowing more efficient use of oxygen for energy production and superior enzymatic anti-oxidative defense
  • Decreased average Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • Increased production and release of Human Growth Hormone
  • Stimulation of fat metabolism
  • Decreased oxidative stress from Free Radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species “ROS”)


9 Sessions = $180

Available at all Fitness Centers.

Nutrition Fundamentals

Nutrition Fundamentals

Topics will include:

  • Healthy food choices
  • Lifestyle and behavioral modifications
  • Macronutrients
  • Nutrition traps, trends & fast food
  • Nutrition for exercise & health
  • Supplement use & abuse
2nd Wednesday of each month 9:30 - 11AM Wallace Creek Fitness Center
2nd Thursday of each month 9:30 - 11AM Bldg. AS-4400, MCAS New River

Class is FREE and open to all authorized patrons. Space is very limited; first come, first served. No pre-registration required.

Fitness Assessments

Hypoxico Altitude Training

Body Fat Test

Body Fat Caliper test estimates the percentage of body fat by measuring skinfold thickness at specific locations on the body.

3 or 7 site caliper test

Cost: Active Duty - Free | All other authorized patrons - $5

BodyGem - Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement

Measuring your resting metabolic rate (RMR) tells you the amount of calories your body burns when at rest. Additional calories are added to the RMR to determine total calories needed per day. The RMR is measured by breathing into a hand held indirect calorimeter system and provides a precise measurement of your RMR, which can account for up to 75% of their total calorie needs.

Includes a consult to review Analyzer report and nutrition education

A metabolic measurement will determine how many calories your body needs to meet your goals. Specifically, a BodyGem measurement might be right for you if you are:
Trying to lose weight
Trying to maintain weight (especially after a weight management program, diet, or other nutritional changes)
Interested in improving overall health and fitness

BCP Free (if you’ve attended the Nutrition Fundamentals class)
Active Duty - Free
All other authorized patrons - $30

Services available only at Wallace Creek Fitness Center.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation Classes

Semper Fit Health Promotion offers Tobacco Cessation classes. These classes are part of Operation Tobacco Free Marine (OTFM). OTFM provides consistent health education programming to Marines, their dependents, retirees, and DoD employees and continuity of care as they attempt to quit tobacco products.

Individual and 2 week group sessions are available. Topics covered include understanding the enemy (tobacco), creating a battle plan to quit, resources, committing to quit, understanding the medication options, selecting a quit date and setting yourself up for success. You will leave with a certification of completion to present to your health care provider and the knowledge to prepare yourself for a successful quit.

Upcoming group sessions will be listed here with a link to register.

This 2 week group session will provide face to face cessation counseling intervention. Participants will be provided with the knowledge, techniques and support necessary to quit using tobacco.

Classes are open to all Active Duty, Retirees, Dependents, and DoD / MCCS employees. 24 hour cancellation noticed is required. 

Unit Health Presentations

Unit Presentations

Schedule a free class and choose from several topics:

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Physical Activity
  • Sexual Health & Responsibility
  • Tobacco Use Prevention & Awareness
  • Weight Management
  • Sleep & Recovery

Contact Information

Health Promotions

MCB Camp Lejeune

Phone: 9104510470


Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM
Saturday CLOSED
Holiday hours may vary.
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