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USMC Volunteer Program

The United States Marine Corps is steeped in tradition and has a strong legacy of service which continues everyday by Marine Corps volunteers. Our mission is to empower individuals to volunteer their time and talents within the Marine Corps community and across the Carolina MAGTF. Volunteers support the pillars of resiliency and enhance their lives and the lives of those that benefit from strong Marines, families and a stronger Marine Corps. Please reach out to the Installation Volunteer Coordinator for more information on how to get involved or to inquire about sharing your volunteer opportunity with Marine Corps volunteers.

MCCS will process requests from both on-installation government affiliated agencies and off-installation Non-Federal Entities (NFE). Organizations seeking volunteer support for programs, events, or activities sponsored by local, state or federal governments; veterans, service-related, patriotic and historic organizations; and civic, service, youth, professional or educational entities will need to ensure their request is in accordance with the following guidelines.  MCCS will advertise volunteer opportunities that can reasonably be expected to bring credit to the individuals involved and to the Navy and Marine Corps team as well as being consistent with Department of the Navy and Marine Corps policies. 

***{The process to publish approved volunteer opportunities will normally take 5-7 business days} ***

Before MCCS will advertise any volunteer opportunity, volunteer participation in the event must be considered suitable in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. On-installation federal entity request must meet the established requirements in accordance with all applicable orders, regulations, and directives.
  2. It is appropriate to associate MCCS and the command with the NFE's event, and volunteer support of the event will not bring discredit to the Marine Corps, II MEF, or MCCS.
  3. The NFE's event is of interest and benefit to the local civilian and military community, and volunteer support of the NFE's event will not appear to endorse or favor any private individual, special interest group or business, religion, ideology, commercial venture, political candidate or organization.
  4. The NFE's event is not intended to provoke controversy or public confrontation.
  5. The NFE does not exclude any person from its membership or the event for reasons of creed, race, color, national origin, gender, sexual preference, or religion.
  6. Partisan political organizations, ideological movements, and NFEs whose constitution, by-laws, membership qualifications or ritual are not made public, are ineligible to be advertised.
  7. The NFE must not require service member volunteers to wear their uniforms while volunteering off the installation in their personal, unofficial capacities.
  8. MCCS will not advertise volunteer opportunities where the NFE seeks to use service members as ushers, guards, parking lot attendants, runners, messengers, baggage handlers, crowd control or any other similar, menial capacity that would be deemed inappropriate pursuant to community outreach standards.    

If the volunteer opportunity meets the above criteria, the organizations point of contact is requested to complete the following steps:

  1. Email MCCSLej-NRVolunteerCoordinator@usmc-mccs.org and request the Volunteer Opportunity Request Form.
  2. Review form and completely fill in all required areas.
  3. Submit completed form to MCCSLej-NRVolunteerCoordinator@usmc-mccs.org.

Once a completed form is received by MCCS personnel, you will be notified that your request has been received and is being considered according to established checklist. All requests will have an approved or denied determination within 5-7 working days.

All approved requests will be uploaded to the MCCS Volunteer Opportunities Portal and will remain active until the event has expired.

  1. Review the current list of approved volunteer opportunities.
  2. Connect with the agencies point of contact listed in the opportunity advertisement for coordinating instruction.
  3. Keep track of all completed volunteer opportunities and hours for recognition at the annual installation volunteer appreciation event normally held each year in April. Installation volunteer coordinators will collect volunteer information between January and February each year.


L.I.N.K.S. is accepting volunteers to join us, network, support and share your knowledge with others that are living the military lifestyle like you! Volunteer opportunities consist of administration support, mentoring, session support and hospitality during L.I.N.K.S. Volunteer opportunities consist of mentoring, administration support, session support and hospitality during our workshops. All volunteers will be properly trained to support and assist L.I.N.K.S. with confidence!

Join our L.I.N.K.S. Volunteer team and be a part of our growing community where we have fun giving back to the military community!

Contact: 910-451-1465 or MCCSLej-NRLINKS@usmc-mccs.org
More Info: lejeunenewriver.usmc-mccs.org/mcftb

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)

NMCRS is accepting professional individuals with base access and availability between 0800-1600, Monday through Friday to assist Service members and eligible family members. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Client services - reception duties
  • Casework - providing one-on-one financial education and assistance
  • Budget for Baby - teaching workshops to military families expecting a child
  • Well Baby Clinic - working with our visiting nurses to administer health checks and clothing exchange

All volunteers will be properly trained to support and assist NMCRS with confidence. Childcare and mileage are reimbursed.

More Info: nmcrs.org

Semper Fi & America’s Fund

The Semper Fi Fund & America’s could not accomplish our mission of supporting wounded, critically ill and injured Service members and their families without the amazing accomplishments of our volunteers. We are actively accepting volunteers to join us in the following opportunities: community outreach events, case work, information and resource tables, office volunteers, at home administration and/or event planning. All volunteers will be properly trained to support and assist the Semper Fi & America’s Fund with confidence!

More Info: thefund.org

SNCO Spouses' Club

The SNCO Spouses' Club is a long-standing club aboard Camp Lejeune. We support the local community with comradery and by operating the Camp Lejeune Thrift Store! We are actively seeking volunteers to help us with administrative responsibilities, receiving and sorting donations, thrift store set-up and so much more. All awesome volunteers will be educated and trained on how to support the SNCO Spouses’ Club with confidence!

More Info: sncospousesclub.org | Thrift Store Facebook | SNCO Spouses Facebook

No DoD or federal endorsement implied.


No DoD or federal endorsement implied.

Annual recognition ceremonies will be announced through installation and unit channels which will enable Installation and Unit leadership to publicly acknowledge the selfless support and dedication you displayed through your volunteering efforts.  The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) and Installation Commanders Certificate of Appreciation (COA) awards are presented based on the number of hours volunteered throughout the calendar year with the following criteria:

USMC Volunteer Program

Number of Hours Award
25 - 99 Installation Commanders Certificate of Appreciation
100 - 249 Bronze Level President's Volunteer Service Award
250 - 499 Silver Level President's Volunteer Service Award
500 + Gold Level President's Volunteer Service Award
4,000 + Lifetime Achievement President's Volunteer Service Award

Contact Information

Camp Lejeune Installation Volunteer Coordinator

Bldg. 780 Brewster Blvd
Camp Lejeune

Phone: 9104510176

Email: MCCSLej-NRVolunteerCoordinator@usmc-mccs.org

Contact Information

New River Installation Volunteer Coordinator

AS-120 White Street
MCAS New River

Phone: 9104510176

Email: MCCSLej-NRVolunteerCoordinator@usmc-mccs.org

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