Swim Lessons

The Aquatics programs provide a full spectrum of recreational and instructional activities in a safe, healthy, fun environment which aids in the development of life skills and builds resiliency in our service members. Drowning prevention is a key theme for Aquatics with a focus on prevention awareness.

Group Swim Lesson Levels & Descriptions

If you are unsure if a level is appropriate for your child, please visit any of our pools during regular hours to take a free swim assessment.

6 months - 3 years of age
(parent & child):
Provides experiences and activities for children and parents to learn about and explore the water together.
4 - 5 years of age
Preschool 1: Orients children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills.
Preschool 2: Helps children gain greater independence in their skills and develop more comfort in and around the water.
Preschool 3 : Helps children start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around the water.
6 - 14 years of age
Level 1: Orient participants to the aquatic environment and help them gain basic aquatic skills. Helps participants develop positive attitudes and safe practices around water
Level 2: Gives participants reinforcement of fundamental skills. Build on the basic aquatic skills and water safety skills and concepts learned in Level 1.
Level 3 : Builds on the skills from Level 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water.
Level 4: Develops confidence in the skills learned and improves other aquatic skills. Improve participants' proficiency in performing the swimming strokes that were introduced in Level 3.
Level 5: Help participants refine their performance of all six swimming strokes (i.e., front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke)
Level 6: Refine strokes so participants swim them with greater efficiency and effectiveness over longer distances
Adult Swim
Adults (Ages 15 and up): This class is for those learning the basics swim strokes and safety, or those that would like to gain proficiency with the 6 strokes.

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Swim Levels

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