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Your (Energy) Action is Required

Halloween candy is filling the stores and your favorite spooky movies are on TV – you know it’s almost October, but did you know it’s also almost National Energy Action Month?

Implemented in 2011, October is designated by the President as Energy Action Month to encourage Americans to take control of their energy consumption and work together to strengthen energy security and reduce environmental impacts. The Marine Corps participates in Energy Action Month each year, and continues to champion the Energy Ethos year-round.

Saving energy is crucial to the Marine Corps’ mission, and good energy habits start at home. This month is the perfect time for you and your colleagues or family to start making energy-smart choices every day. Not only will you be supporting the Energy Ethos, but you’ll be more likely to see savings on any energy bills you have to pay.

Do you or your family have what to takes to be considered energy champions? Check out the Marine Corps Energy Action Month Challenge Calendar (pictured below and available to download and print at the link) to see what you can do throughout the month and how you can determine your rank.

Don’t forget to share your progress and show off your energy savings on social media by using the hashtags #EnergyEthos and #EnergyActionMonth. You have the power!

For more information on how to reduce your household expenses, including energy bills, contact the Personal Financial Management Program.

To download a printable version of the calendar, click here.

First Day

  • 10/1: Think you’re energy efficient? Define what energy action means to you – 5 points

Week 1 – Lighting

  • 10/2: Turn off at least three lights that you don’t need – 3 points
  • 10/3: Walk around your home or work and figure out what kind of bulbs you have – 3 points
  • 10/4: Use sunlight instead of turning on lights during the day – 5 points
  • 10/5: Replace an incandescent light with an LED – 7 points
  • 10/6: Find out if your base uses solar energy and learn about it – 3 points
  • 10/7: Instead of overhead lights, use small lights in reading or work areas – 3 points
  • 10/8: Mock power outage! Pretend you don’t have lights and see what you can do – 10 points

Week 2 – Water

  • 10/9: Turn off the water when you brush your teeth – 3 points
  • 10/10: Try a cooler shower than usual – 5 points
  • 10/11: Find out what kind of faucets you have – low flow or no? – 7 points
  • 10/12: Take a shower in under 5 minutes – 7 points
  • 10/13: Only run the dishwasher when it’s full – 3 points
  • 10/14: Use cold water to wash your clothes – 5 points
  • 10/15: Search inside and outside your home for leaks. Report or fix any you find – 10 points

Week 3 – HVAC

  • 10/16: Check windows and doors for leaks. Close them when the A/C or heat is on – 7 points
  • 10/17: Open windows at night for cool air instead of turning the A/C on – 5 points
  • 10/18: Look at your furniture and move anything that blocks the air vents – 7 points
  • 10/19: Set the A/C at 78 degrees or higher. Set the heat at 68 degrees or cooler – 5 points
  • 10/20: Watch what you’re wearing – dress for the temperature – 3 points
  • 10/21: Has your A/C filter been checked this year? Have it cleaned or replaced – 10 points
  • 10/22: Get out and have fun. Turn off the A/C or heat when you leave – 5 points

Week 4 – Plug load

  • 10/23: Unplug appliances and electronics that you’re not using – 7 points
  • 10/24: Charge your cell phone only once today – 5 points
  • 10/25: Unplug your charger when you are no longer using it – 3 points
  • 10/26: Plug electronics (TVs, game consoles) into a power strip that can be turned off – 7 points
  • 10/27: Are your appliances Energy Star certified? Check them to find out – 3 points
  • 10/28: Shut down your computer and monitor when they’re not in use – 5 points
  • 10/29: Have fun without electronics today – go outside, read, or play a board game – 5 points

Week 5 – End of the month!

  • 10/30: Think back on the month – pledge to make at least 4 things permanent habits – 10 points
  • 10/31: Happy Halloween! Light a room with jack-o-lanterns instead of lights – 5 points
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