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It can be easy to lose confidence while you’re searching for a job, especially if your search has lasted a while. Consider applying these tips to build confidence during your job search.

  1. Learn something new. Take advantage of the free learning opportunities at your installation Library. Learn a new language or brush up your existing foreign language skills with Take one of the more than 500 online non-credit courses through Universal Class. Take a class at your installation’s Automotive Skills shop, or consider a cooking class through your installation’s Club.
  2. Develop your public speaking skills. Become active in a group where you have the opportunity to develop your public speaking skills. One such group is a local Toastmasters club, where you have the opportunity write your own speeches, speak extemporaneously, evaluate more effectively, better your time management skills, and even work on eliminating those pesky “ums” and “ahs” from your spoken language (And you can also network with other members of your club!).
  3. Give back. Volunteer with an organization that does something that is important to you, whether it’s helping at a nearby animal shelter, hospital, youth organization, Veteran Service Organization, or something else. Check out the Marine Corps Family Team Building Volunteer Program for additional information.
  4. Do something fun.  Blow off some steam. If you have not yet transitioned and you’re single or a geographical bachelor, participate in the Single Marine Program. Go to the movies or go bowling with friends, or take advantage of the fitness center, sports, or outdoor recreation opportunities at your installation.

Remember, that as you are building your confidence by following these tips, you are also improving your resume and network. You now have a new skill or volunteer experience with an organization, showing that you have continued to develop yourself and remain active, even though you may have been unemployed.

Still searching for more in-depth assistance regarding your job search? Contact your installation’s Transition Readiness, Family Member Employment Assistance, and Library Programs and ask the Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn. Remotely stationed Marines and families can contact the Library Program at to obtain virtual access to Marine Corps Library resources.

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