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Military families face unique challenges, and one significant hurdle is finding employment for spouses and family members. Helping to navigate these challenges is where the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) shines.
FMEAP provides free career assistance and training to help military families pursue employment opportunities, no matter where duty calls them. The program provides complete support from resume assistance that showcases a candidate’s strengths to insider networking tips for finding hidden job opportunities. Expert advisors lead practical courses on interview techniques, navigating USAJobs, spouse transition readiness, and more. From one-on-one appointments to tools and training for career success, this program has you covered.
Military spouse Katie shared how FMEAP helped her land a job, saying “I was just offered a job and have accepted it. This would not have been done without the help of Sheila at FMEAP. I saw her in November, after many months of struggling. She helped me with my resume and told me where to find the jobs to apply to. After working on my resume, I started to get interviews and finally landed the offer. I'm so excited I can now help with the family finances. FMEAP is such a valuable program.”
Sheila Covington, Personal & Professional Development Advisor at FMEAP, said, “Stories like Katie’s are why we remain committed to serving military families. I'm proud of the real impact our advisors have – whether it’s resume writing tips, networking guidance, or interview preparation. We understand the challenges these families face and it's our privilege to support them however we can as they work to further their careers.”
Jennifer Ormsby, Personal & Professional Development Advisor at FMEAP, added “We love hearing that the program’s comprehensive support helped someone overcome barriers to employment and achieve success. It's incredibly rewarding to provide assistance to our military families, and we encourage you to connect with us – we're here for you."
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