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HITT Program

The primary purpose of the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program is to enhance operational fitness levels and optimize combat readiness and resiliency for the Marine. This comprehensive strength and conditioning program takes into consideration the physical demands of operational related activities in order to optimize physical performance while in combat. It focuses on physical resiliency and combat readiness.

Phases of work out include pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment, or building your own workout templates, the Marine can fully develop and maintain their physical readiness and resiliency. By implementing the latest cutting edge training methods and fundamental scientific principles, the HITT Program focuses on enhancing athleticism for today’s tactical athlete – The United States Marine.

HITT Center Weekly Training Schedule

Time Monday Wednesday Friday
6AM Warrior Session Athlete Session Combat Session
11:30AM Warrior Session Athlete Session Combat Session
3PM Olympic Lifting Clinic Olympic Lifting Clinic Olympic Lifting Clinic
Open to Active Duty Military Personnel only. The HITT Center will remain open for regular patron use during HITT sessions however, the HITT Center has the right to reserve any equipment necessary to run a HITT Workout. *Maximum of 50 students per session. First come; first served.

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is a test of balance and mobility in 7 movements. Each test allows our coaches to observe your performance of basic, manipulative, and stabilizing movements. Your performance will allow our coaches to record weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries, as well as limitations that become apparent during the test. The deep squat, hurdle step, shoulder mobility, and trunk stability are just a few examples of the movement tests. After analyzing your scores the coaches will be able to give you some corrective exercises and mobility to help correct any imbalances as well as perform better.

Functional Movement Screen is available to Active Duty and Retired Service Members only. To schedule, please contact the HITT Center.

HITT Train the Trainer

To attend the five-day Level I training you must be a NCO or above, have 1st class CFT/PFT, and get clearance through your command. Unit PT Reps will learn about HITT methodology, basic exercise physiology, nutrition, programing, injury prevention, and functional fitness/ combat conditioning modalities. Successful graduates of the course will leave certified to conduct HITT (combat conditioning) sessions for their unit. This course falls in line with MCO 6100.13 and will facilitate training for the Unit CCI. Seats should be offered to Marines who conduct Unit PT sessions. If you would like to nominate yourself or your Marines, contact your HITT Program Coordinator.

HITT Locker Unit PT

Bringing High Intensity Training to you – enhancing fitness levels and optimizing physical performance.

  • For active duty military only.
  • Minimum of 25 and maximum of 100 per HITT Locker PT.
  • Must have HITT lockers available at the training area.

Contact Information

MCB Camp Lejeune HITT Center

Bldg. 401 (across from the Field House)
MCB Camp Lejeune

Phone: 9104510122

Monday 5AM - 7PM
Tuesday 5AM - 7PM
Wednesday 5AM - 7PM
Thursday 5AM - 7PM
Friday 5AM - 7PM
Saturday CLOSED
Holiday hours may vary.

Contact Information

MCAS New River HITT Center

Bldg. AS-4024 Schmidt St.
MCAS New River

Phone: 9104497698

Phone: 9104495854

Monday 5AM - 6PM
Tuesday 5AM - 6PM
Wednesday 5AM - 6PM
Thursday 5AM - 6PM
Friday 5AM - 6PM
Saturday CLOSED
Holiday hours may vary.
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